Therapeutic Approach

Understanding the human person as a beautiful, complex multiplicity through an Internal Family Systems (IFS) lens acknowledges that individuals consist of various modes or parts, each with its own thoughts, feelings, and experiences ie “inner critic” or “mama bear mode” or “my rebel part”. By exploring and integrating these parts in therapy, individuals can cultivate self-compassion, healing, and a greater sense of wholeness.

Depression / Anxiety / Trauma

Depression, anxiety, and trauma can be interconnected in that experiencing traumatic events can contribute to the development of parts of ourselves stuck in certain protective/defensive modes, which is understandable. Trauma can be sustained from life-threatening events but not every person who experiences a catastrophic event is traumatized. Trauma is also likely after physical/sexual/emotional abuse or chronic physical/emotional neglect as it can severely disrupt one’s sense of safety and well-being, leading to the onset of depressive symptoms and heightened anxiety.

Family Therapy

Good family therapy can provide a safe and supportive environment for families to explore their dynamics, improve communication, and build healthier relationships. It offers opportunities to enhance understanding, clarify boundaries, promote resilience, and facilitate positive, lasting change for all family members involved.

Group Therapy

A trusted colleague once said, “people seem to get better 4x faster in group therapy than in individual therapy” and depending on the circumstances, we tend to agree. Group therapy with an Internal Family Systems (IFS) lens involves a unique approach that focuses on understanding and integrating various parts of the self within a supportive group setting. Participants are encouraged to explore their internal dynamics, identifying different parts of themselves and understanding their roles, emotions, and needs. Through guided exercises and facilitated discussions, group members develop a deeper awareness of their internal system and learn to cultivate self-compassion, empathy, and understanding for themselves and others. The group provides a safe space for exploration, healing, and growth, fostering a sense of community and shared experience among participants as they work towards greater self-awareness and integration. Please check the website for groups that are ongoing and open and groups that have a fixed start and end date


As a dynamic speaker for your organization, Laura offers a direct, no-nonsense approach to mental health topics, with a particular focus on anxiety in teenagers and the impact of technology. Through engaging presentations, Laura provides insightful perspectives and practical strategies for understanding and addressing these issues, empowering audiences to navigate challenges effectively and promote mental well-being. Laura combines expertise in mental health with a relatable style, inspiring meaningful dialogue and fostering positive change within your community.

Couples Counseling

Laura is trained in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), which is a research-based approach that focuses on the emotional bond between partners. Through structured interventions, couples learn to identify and express their underlying emotions, leading to deeper understanding, connection, and lasting positive change within the relationship. Alongside EFT, journeying through couples counseling with an Internal Family Systems (IFS) lens, the focus is on understanding and integrating the parts of each individual within the relationship. Partners explore their internal dynamics, identifying and expressing different parts of themselves, such as protective or vulnerable aspects. Through guided exercises and facilitated discussions, couples learn to communicate more effectively, deepen empathy for each other’s internal experiences, and work collaboratively to heal past wounds and strengthen their connection. This approach fosters mutual understanding, compassion, and the cultivation of a healthier, more harmonious relationship dynamic. EFT and IFS complement each other seamlessly in couples counseling, synergistically addressing emotional bonds and internal dynamics within the relationship.